Zamyn's biennial Cultural Forum brings together leading figures from disparate spheres of politics, business, the visual arts, literature, psychoanalysis and cultural studies to interrogate the workings of the contemporary world, develop understanding of different perspectives, and generate transformative new ideas.


Cultural Forum 2013 | Global Citizenship

   Tate Modern, London, 29 May-12 June


Zamyn’s 2013 Cultural Forum, in partnership with Accenture, Africa Progress Panel, Barclays, SOAS - University of London and Tate, was held at Tate Modern, London, in the lead up to the G8 Summit.

Leading thinkers from disparate worlds of politics, business, academia and the arts came together for a series of lectures and panel discussions to explore new perspectives on global citizenship. Much of the programme took up questions arising from the exponential growth in movement across international borders – of people, capital, resources and artefacts – and the challenges and opportunities it presents for cultural, academic and other national and international institutions.

Through a collision of outlooks, the events questioned the validity of concepts such as migration, corporations, governance and sustainability, and examined perceptions of the multiple realities of globalisation.

See all events in the series here.

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The interview is one of the most thought-provoking and revealing forms of human interaction. We are often at our most unguarded and spontaneous in conversation, and so new insights and discoveries can emerge, which often take both listener and speaker by surprise. Rather than rehashing old ideas, the interview has the potential to both create and stimulate. 

The Zamyn interviews are extensive, in-depth conversations: an exploration, through speech, of economic, political and social processes. They bring together a diverse group, from artists and psychoanalysts to business leaders and politicians, to discuss the key questions of the forces at play in the contemporary world. Zamyn's focus on the unconscious and hidden side of political and social dynamics allows these to be framed in new ways, facilitating a pioneering intellectual understanding of how peripheral cultures impact upon global systems. 

Colin MacCabe with Moustapha Safouan 

Moustapha Safouan is an eminent Lacanian psychoanalyst, and author of Why are the Arabs Not Free?
Colin MacCabe is a British writer and film producer. He is Distinguished Professor of English and Film at the University of Pittsburgh and Associate Director of the London Consortium.



Zamyn’s Corporations for Culture programme encourages businesses to look beyond an understanding of globalisation purely in economic terms and become more aware of their role in culture. The programme seeks to foster collaboration between corporations and cultural leaders, through a series of quarterly private seminars, a cycle of cultural conversations, an annual lecture and a publication. These programme activities aim to forge the development of a sustainable platform for constructive exchange and partnership.

The Corporate Circle

For each two-year cycle of programmes, Zamyn invites a number of leading international corporations to join its Corporate Circle.

The Corporate Circle is a collaborative network of corporations that place culture at the centre of their business – corporations that recognise how so called developing cultures are altering the nature and direction of the global economy. Rather than sponsorship, Zamyn seeks true partnership with multinationals that are major players in culture and globalisation. For such companies, Zamyn is a vehicle to assist in expanding their cultural presence and role, and in building a better internal understanding of their contemporary identities. Membership represents an approach to communication unlike conventional advertising, targeted marketing campaigns or consultancy. It is a neutral platform that promotes dialogue, exchange and collaboration over one-way messaging. It allows corporations to reach a new audience of opinion formers and major global players in culture and the arts.